Winds of My Dreams — Anthony Newman

  1. Winds of My Dreams 3:46

Winds of My Dreams is a 'pop' tune built on the bass line and harmonies of an 18th c. work called 'Barricades Misterieuses' by Francois Couperin, harpsichordist to Louis XIV. There have been several studies on this bass line, all of which are now collected on the web. The singer is Celia Pryor.

  1. Viola Concerto Rondo 6:41

Some years ago I wrote a viola concerto for the viola congress of 1985 which took place in Boston. Unhappy with the rondo finale, I have composed a new one, here heard 'live' on the Bedford Chamber Music Series.

  1. Christmas Canons 15:11

My wife Mary Jane asked me to write a series of Christmas canons on familiar carols. Here are the seven canons, this time sung by treble voices: Jeanne Marie Lally, Trish Hussey and Sharla Nefziger.

  1. Violin Concerto 27:42

Here is a new violin concerto. Although I was looking for a 1st performance, it is now scheduled on the Bedford Series for this December 14, 2011.

  1. 'Battle Hymn' Organ 10:52

This is the early version of the 'Battle Hymn' Variations played by Stephan Tharp organist.

  1. Jonah and the Whale 7:12

There's no more music available for this short work. Dating from the early 70s, I include it as the only free atonal study on the 20 CD set collection.