The Jesus Cantata plus Works for Guitar, Flute — Anthony Newman

In the Jesus Cantata I have taken important events in his life and portrayed them either as choruses or solos. The first announces his birth, the 2nd picks of all his teachings the most famous: the Lord's Prayer, the third is a depiction of the battle between good and evil at the celestial level, the fourth portrays his 'Agony in the Garden,' the fifth his crucifixion, the 6th his resurrection, and the final seventh his submission to the will of his Father. The works for guitar are from the middle 1970s and as such are the most experimental of my compositions that I have decided to keep.. They were all commissioned and are played by Benjamin Verdery. The four movement sonata for flute (Gergely Ittzes) and piano uses four original songs as basis, arranging and expanding them for this duo.

Cantata to Honor Jesus

  1. For Unto Us a Child Is Born – Birth 5:27
  2. The Lord's Prayer – Teachings 1:41
  3. Who is Worthy to Open the Scroll – the Battle Between Good and Evil 4:55
  4. O Father – Gethsemane 3:59
  5. Dies Irae – Crucifixion 2:40
  6. But Mary Stood Outside the Tomb – Resurrection 4:56
  7. In Thee Have I Trusted 2:34
  8. Variations 'For Guitar' 6:47
  9. Grand Contrapuctus 6:05

Ride the Wind Horse

  1. Largo 6:23
  2. Furioso 4:05
  3. Gigue 3:14

A Quartet of Angel Songs

  1. Lux Aeterna 3:02
  2. Rage of the Fallen Angel 3:14
  3. Is There Care in Heaven 4:00
  4. Blow Your Trumpet Angel 2:38