Sonata Populare for violin and piano, Ten Great Trumpet Tunes for Trumpets, Organ, and Timpani, 'Toning' for Health — Anthony Newman

My Sonata Populare was premiered at La Jolla Summer Fest on August 7, 2010, David Coucheron violin, and myself at the piano. A work in five movements, it is modeled on Bach's Sonata in G, also in five movements.

The trumpet tunes originate in English and French tunes from the Baroque period. I have added two other trumpet parts and a timpani obbligato.

Tonings comes from the theory that intoning specific pitches the body resonates with helps promote a sense of well being, like the singing of aum. For each note of the chromatic scale I have then improvised a piece based on that note as pedal point. Some of them are taken from specific works of other composers.

Sonata Populare

  1. Presto 3:20
  2. Largo 3:30
  3. Scherzo 1:36
  4. Adagio 2:18
  5. Presto 3:50
  6. Trumpet tune in C Purcell 1:34
  7. Trumpet Voluntary John Stanley 3:27
  8. Trumpet Tune in D Purcell 1:38
  9. Rondeaux from Abdelazar Purcell 1:31
  10. Lebeque tune 1:30
  11. The Kings March Jeremiah Clarke 1:09
  12. Rondeau Dandrieu 2:22
  13. Prelude from Te Deum Charpentier 1:28
  14. Trumpet tune Moret 1:51
  15. Sonata Purcell 1:33
  16. Bach Dramma per Musica 3:21
  17. D Pedal tone Music 2:45
  18. Eb Pedal tone Music 4:18
  19. E Pedal tone Improvisation 3:23
  20. F Pedal tone Music 3:57
  21. F# Pedal tone Improvisation 3:26
  22. G Pedal tone Music 3:57
  23. Ab Pedal tone Improvisation 4:13
  24. A Pedal tone Grigny's organ point 3:38
  25. Bb Pedal tone Improvisation 4:16
  26. B Pedal tone Improvisation 3:25
  27. C Pedal tone Byrd's Bells 2:38
  28. C# Pedal tone Newman's Viola Concerto 4:02