Sampler — Anthony Newman

First performed in 2010 at the La Jolla Music Festival, this finale is from the 3rd sonata for violin and piano in five movements. David Coucheron is on violin. The largo, taken from the same sonata, is tuneful and friendly. From a series of 12 preludes and fugues for organ is the Te Deum, built on the opening notes of the Gregorian Te Deum. The fugue in B is taken from a series of 12 preludes and fugues for piano solo. About ten years ago I wrote 2 American Classic Symphonies. The largo is from the first one.

Also available as a cello solo, the finale of the 2nd sonata is like a huge gigue or tarantella, played here by Christina Cooper. The little prelude from the big suite for flute (Gergely Ittzes on flute) and piano was first played at the Madeira Bach Festival in 1985. From the same work is a large scale fugue. How Sweet the Moonlight is taken from my 'Angel Oratorio sung here by David Ossenfort.

From my second sonata is a blues movement, played by Cal Wiersma. Renee Jolles is the violinist in the toccata in G, again from my second sonata. From a large scale viola concerto, commissioned by the Boston viola congress in 1985 is the middle movement, played by John Dexter.

Ben Verdery is guitarist on the gigue.

From a series of songs transcribed for flute is 'Rage.' Rex Tremendae is a powerful choral movement from the 'Sibley' Requiem.

From 'Nicole' are 2 movements built on the theme of spousal abuse.

The Te Deum was commissioned by St. Matthew's Church in 2005. This is the finale. There are 3 symphonies for organ solo, this being the opener of #3.

From my second quartet is a fugal last movement. Babel is a free piano variation of Stravinsky's short choral work. The last piece is a big fugue built on the structure of Beethoven's 'Hammerclavier' fugue.

  1. Finale, Violin and Piano 3:40
  2. Largo 3:30
  3. Te Deum for Organ 5:06
  4. Fugue in B for piano 3:43
  5. Tango from 1st Symphony 3:54
  6. Finale from 2nds Sonata for Cello 3:46
  7. Prelude for Flute and Piano 1:28
  8. Fugue 3:15
  9. How Sweet the Moonlight 3:24
  10. Blues for Violin and Harpsichord 1:18
  11. Toccata in G for Violin 2:09
  12. Largo from Viola Concerto 7:30
  13. Gigue for Guitar 3:11
  14. Rage for Flute and Piano 3:10
  15. Rex Tremendae 2:17
  16. 'Simpson' from Nicole 3:10
  17. Then He Beat Me 2:46
  18. 'Vouchsafe' from Te Deum 2:24
  19. Allegro from 3rd Organ Symphony 3:24
  20. Finale from 2nd Quartet 3:58
  21. Babel for Piano 4:31
  22. Fugue in C for Piano 5:00