Requiem — Anthony Newman

Chorus and Orchestra of BachWorks, New York

Musical settings of the Requiem Mass have a long and distinguished history in Western music, and many composers have been inspired by its ancient Latin text to write their most profound musical utterances. The tradition of setting a fixed text as a memorial to a recently deceased person was not actually codified until the Council of Trent (1545-63). The great Roman church settings are certainly those of Mozart and Verdi. Lesser known are those of de la Lande, Berlioz (Grande Messe des Morts), Cherubini (which setting Beethoven preferred to Mozart’s), Bruckner and Dvorak. Other works have featured parts of the Catholic service text, with texts usually derived from scripture, and not necessarily in Latin. Important settings of this type include those by Schuetz, Brahms and Liszt.

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  1. Requiem Aeternam 7:01
  2. Kyrie 3:25
  3. Requiem Aeternam 2:25
  4. Dies Irae 2:25
  5. Rex Tremendae 3:49
  6. Confutatis, Maledictis 3:40
  7. Lacrymosa 5:33
  8. Ozymandias (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 4:01


  1. Domine Jesu Christe 2:35
  2. Organ Toccata 2:55
  3. Sanctus/Hosanna I 2:23
  4. Benedictus/Hosanna II 3:29
  5. Pie Jesu 2:55
  6. Libera Me 2:34
  7. Agnus Dei 5:47
  8. In Paradisum 0:52