Complete Works for Violin & Piano — Anthony Newman

My new third sonata is derived from a series of songs I have written over the years. Movement 1 is a kind of 'Fury' - a dance of the 18th c. The second and third movements are variations on piano preludes, and the last is filled with joy throughout. The first sonata features a 'jazzy' opening movement, followed by a solemn and grand second. The third movement is a large scale gigue.

In the 2nd sonata, I have chosen to portray characters from Tarot cards - something Francois Couperin did in the 18th c. The opening 'jester,' played by Cal Wiersma, is a variation on a blues tune called 'Franky and Johnny.' The 2nd is a somber harmonic study using background harmonies from Bach's prelude in G minor, WTC 11. The 'Chariot' is a terse but brilliant toccata, while the 'Wheel of Fortune' is a wild fugue with very close stretti.

The three movement work: Sinfonia, Variations and Toccata may be played by violin alone or with added cello and optional bells.

The sinfonia is a real baroque toccata with added Stravinsky modernisms. Although the variations are 'Berg like,' they have real tonal background.

The toccata starts with a 'catchy' tune and comes to a brilliant conclusion. The piano trio has become my most often heard chamber piece. The first movement is very 'French' in its influences, a kind of large sonata structure. The second set of variations on a quiet piano theme, and the last a fugal finale, brilliant and difficult to play.

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Sonata #3 (Renee Jolles, violin)

  1. Presto 3:19
  2. Largo Espressivo 3:33
  3. Presto e staccato 1:48
  4. Finale 3:18

Sonata #1 (Yoon Kwon, violin)

  1. Allegro deciso 4:59
  2. Largo 5:19
  3. Fugue 3:02

Sonata #2 (On Tarot Figures, Cal Wiersma - 1st Mve, Renee Jolles - Mves 2-3-4)

  1. Totentanz 1:18
  2. Judgment - Largo 2:33
  3. The Chariot - Toccata 2:09
  4. Wheel of Fortune - Fugue 3:26

Suite for Violin, with Optional Cello and Percussion (Yoon Kwon, violin; Patrick Jee, cello; A. Newman, piano)

  1. Sinfonia - Allegro de Molto 3:03
  2. Variations 5:42
  3. Toccata - presto 2:38

Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello (Christina Cooper, cello; Renee Jolles, violin; A. Newman, piano)

  1. Allegro 10:25
  2. Variations 5:42
  3. Fugue 3 4:46