Absolute Joy — Anthony Newman

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Musica Antiqua New York

Absolute Joy was written over a period of 10 months in 1996/97, using texts of the Jewish Bible, the New Testament, and the Book of Enoch. Conceived in three parts, the dramatic structure comprises angelic accounts in the Torah, texts dealing with the fallen angels, and messengers of the Most High in the Christian Bible. It also includes quotations from the English poets John Milton, William Shakespeare, and William Blake.

Part I

  1. Overture 2:38
  2. Chorus: On the First Day God Created Angels (St. Augustine) 4:22
  3. Aria: The Hymn (John Milton) 4:56
  4. Chorus: Radiant and Glorious 4:24
  5. Solo & Chorus: The Angel Appeared to Moses (Old Testament, Exodus & Trope) 9:19
  6. Aria: How Sweet the Moonlight (Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice) 3:24
  7. Chorus: Little Cherubs (Trope derived from Angel Dictionary ) 5:52
  8. Chorus: Holy is God (Isaiah, Chapter 6 )3:46

Part II

  1. Solo aria: Rage! (Book of Enoch) 3:33
  2. Chorus: Agnus Dei 5:23

Part III - The Christmas Celebration

  1. Angel Hymn: Thou Fair Haired Angel of the Night (William Blake – Old English - Gerald Manley Hopkins) 4:56
  2. Chorus: Sanctus 3:16
  3. Solo: Ave Maria 2:47
  4. Chorus: Hail, So Highly Favored (New Testament, Matthew, Chapter 1) 5:08
  5. Solo Aria: Blow Your Trumpets Angels (John Donne) 2:57
  6. Chorus: Worthy is the Lamb (New Testament, Revelation) 5:29

Total Playing Time: 72:10